Melissa Washington Navy VeteranFor many that have served our country finding work can be tough.  What makes it even tougher is not being equipped with the right tools in this new economy that we are in.  When I transitioned out of the Navy 20 years ago you found a job by either knowing someone at a company that was hiring, a job ad in the paper or a temp agency.  I found my job in the local paper where I started out as an office manager and quickly transitioned into a Sales Manager role. The reason that I got the job over the other candidates is because I was able to operate a floor buffer.  Having served my time in the Navy on ships, every week we stripped and waxed the deck. Who would have thought that this skill would help land me a position selling floor cleaners and equipment.

Times have changed a lot since then, the way we look for work and the type of work that is out there.   There are many more tools that are needed- Personal Branding, Business Cards, Online and Offline Networking, Informational Interviews, Social Media, Hidden Job Market and a few more.  This can be quite overwhelming.  When I started writing Get Back to Work: Smart & Savvy Real-World Strategies to Make Your Next Career Move, I wanted to make sure that I pointed out specific references for anyone that has served as well as their spouses (I am also a Marine wife).

A big tip for Veterans is on your LinkedIn profile to make sure to use the keyword “Veteran” in your profile more than once.   As the “trend” right now is to hire veterans.  So if a recruiter has a position to fill they are going to log on to LinkedIn type in the word “veteran” and any other specific keyword that the job requires.  So many veterans profiles that I view, only have the branch that they served in.  A lot of recruiters would probably not be searching “Army”, “Navy” etc. Don’t miss out on opportunities that are specific for veterans this also includes business opportunities as well.

Make sure you have signed up for the 1 year free LinkedIn  job seeker subscription for Veterans:


In the back of my new book I have a list of Veterans resources that includes website, description and if there is an app for that organization.

 Martin Yates recommendation

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My passion is to help Veterans and their spouses get back to work.


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