Get Back to Work: Hidden Job Market


Tapping into the “hidden job market” is a key, and sometimes overlooked, tool when you are looking for work. In my upcoming book, Get Back to Work: Smart and Savvy Real-World Strategies to Make your Next Career Move, the fifth chapter – Hidden Job Market – shares what this market looks like and how to effectively tap into it. Essentially, the hidden job market are the jobs and/or positions that companies do not post externally. Here is a sample of steps available to take to tap into this unknown market:


(Excerpt from book)

Begin by making a list of at least five to seven companies where you would be interested in working and do research on them.  There are a number of great online and offline resources including:


  • company website
  • Glassdoor
  • Google
  • Hoovers
  • LinkedIn
  • local business journal
  • local newspaper
  • Manta
  • Vault


Search local business publications, such as your local business journal, which offer free daily updates.  This is a great resource to find out what companies are moving into the area or expanding their current business.

Using LinkedIn, seek out anyone you know who works at the company you are interested in (a first-degree connection) or anyone who has s a friend or an acquaintance (a second-degree connection). LinkedIn is a great platform to use to identify contacts you can leverage, as it allows you to do advanced searches by using specific keywords. This is a great chance to tap into your college alumni!

The next step is to introduce yourself to representatives of the company or have one of your connections introduce you.

Next week’s post will discuss the “informational interview,” the ideal next step after you have connected with someone at a company on your target “who I’d like to work for” list.


Please share any tips below that you have found to be helpful when you were, or are, looking for work.


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Next week’s topic:  Informational Interview


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